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SloMo Elite-SM-JLLSN

LED Illuminated Buttons and JLCooper Optical Jog/Shuttle

SloMo Elite is a new Sports/SloMo control surface, expressly made for software developers and OEMs.

Its advanced design provides an incredible number of configuration options, without any of the costs normally associated with developing hardware, by allowing us to create custom configurations using standard parts.

It's packed with every possible feature we could think of, plus future upgrade capabilities. It closely integrates with your proprietary software, creating an elegant and complete control package. Virtually ever aspect of the product can be custom- ized to your precise needs.

This is a completely new controller, built for speed and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in broadcast, sports, instant replay, scoreboard and other applications. It includes built in USB and Ethernet Interfaces.

Contact JLCooper today for additional configuration information, customization options, protocol, development documents and other details.

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