Developer Information Center

Thank you for your interest in JLCooper Products.

JLCooper Electronics successfully works with industry leading companies in a variety of OEM, private label and other relationships. Cooperation and partnership is our goal.

We've established a Developer Program to make it as easy as possible for software developers, system integrators and others to integrate support for our high–quality Control, Automation and Interfacing products.

By enrolling in this free program, you'll be provided with all necessary code level protocol documentation for tightly integrating your products with ours.

Other benefits include engineering level support, evaluation/development units, access to trade show loaners and more.

As a partner, JLCooper will also help to support and evangelize your compatible products, creating additional marketing strategies and sales opportunities.

Your personal or company information will not be sold or distributed in any way and you will not be pestered by salespeople who are trying to sell you something. JLCooper offers a variety of "off the shelf" products that can be supported "as is" or customized to meet your requirements.

Look to JLCooper to get new ideas to market faster and with less burden on your already busy R&D staff.

JLCooper's full range of services include circuit and enclosure design, manufacturing and testing, packaging and documentation. All this from the team consistently chosen by world class manufacturers as the best in the business.

Please complete the JLCooper Developer Application and Non-Disclosure Form and return it to us today. We'll send you all development information immediately.

Let us know if you require further assistance or if we can help you in any way to get things started.

Confidential Developer Area

Entry to this area requires a password which is only available to JLCooper developers. See the Developer Application and Non-Disclosure Form for information on becomming a JLCooper developer.




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