OEM Services

Success Through Innovation and Partnership

JLCooper Electronics successfully works with industry leading companies and educational institutions in a variety of OEM, private label, custom engineering, software development and other relationships.

Successfully working in many OEM relationships, JLCooper Electronics develops and manufactures products for companies on the forefront of digital audio, video, multimedia and other technologies.

JLCooper can partner at any level with your company to cooperatively develop products that perfectly meet your requirements and budget.

Dedication to optimum control surface and interface engineering, quality and reliability makes JLCooper the preeminent partner, helping your company achieve its goals on time and within budget.

We provide an established developer program to provide documentation and support for our products. We offer a variety of “off the shelf” products that can be supported “as is” or customized to meet your needs. JLCooper will also help to support and evangelize your compatible products, creating additional strategies and opportunities.

Let us strengthen your existing development efforts by providing hardware and software products tailored to meet your needs. JLCooper's range of services include circuit board and enclosure design, manufacturing and testing, packaging and documentation. All this from the team consistently chosen by dozens of world-class manufacturers as the best in the business.

Visit our Developer page at jlcooper.com for additional information.




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