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Eclipse 24 Midnight

Tactile Command Palette

Eclipse 24 Midnight is a desktop controller for mission critical playback and control for broadcast automation, playout, production and other applications.

It features 24, next-generation, hi-res, RGB, remotely-relegendable 64 x 32 LCD keyswitches, 10 bank buttons, and 17 additional function and navigation switches.

JLCooper has the most complete line of standard products using remotely relegendable LCD keyswitches.

The hi-res LCD keyswitches can display text up to 40 characters (multiple fonts) and graphics using built in command driven serial interfaces. Software controls the interface, display, and backlighting (64 colors). Data only needs to be transmitted when a change is made to the display or background colors.

Eclipse 24 Midnight can be used as a stand alone controller or it can be physically connected with other Eclipse Midnight units, including Eclipse MXL. Interfaces include built-in Ethernet (TCPIP and UDP) and USB, along with optional serial connections.

New Eclipse Software for Mac offers enhanced support for Eclipse 24, allowing users to program custom controls for any applications.




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