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MCS5 USB Media Control Station

With Relegendable LCD Button Labels

New User Adjustable Jog Speed with Pro Tools!

MCS5 is our newest desktop controller. It provides professional transport buttons, a precision optically encoded jog wheel, assignable function keys with live LCD labels (Key Function and label change on-the-fly for different editing operations).

You can create and customize banks of hot keys for your specific needs, including built-in/ pre-named commands for popular applications.

Programmable messages, including standard key command combinations, MIDI messages, mouse clicks and others. These can be assigned to any key and named.

The end result is that you can make a custom arrangement of controls to best suit your purpose, and you will always know what function you are going to get when you press a key.

Arrange editing functions into different banks, to logically group frequently used commands. For example, have one bank for ingest, a bank for tracking, a bank for editing, etc.) Raised display for easy viewing.

Use and customize supplied keysets for advanced control of applications including Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Premiere Pro, AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools, Nuendo and others, or make your own keyset for any program.

JLCooper controllers let you work faster. They provide speed, ease-of-use and tactile assurance that's missing when you use a mouse and keyboard for editing. Professionals can depend on JLC control products to provide reliable service that far outlasts any alternatives.

MCS5 Keysets Included



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