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4 Port RS-422 Gang Roll Switcher and GPI Trigger Box

GangWay4™ is a compact, 4 port RS-422 Gang Roll Switcher and GPI Trigger Box for controlling up to four video recorders.

Connect any RS-422 controller, like VTC1, MCS6, or TransportPro, with its unique ability to remotely select GangWay channels.

GangWay4 has illuminated buttons for clear indication of enabled channels, “All” button and a Tally Select button.

Channel buttons also serve as transport controls, allowing you to control decks right from the front panel.

Controls Most Professional RS-422 File-Based Recorders including; AJA KiPro Rack, KiPro Ultra, Ultra Plus, Atomos Shogun Studio, BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio, Hyperdeck Studio Mini, Video Devices Pix 250i, 260i, 270i, Sony XDCAM and more!

GangWay4 has has 1 RS-422 Input, 4 RS-422 Outputs, and GPI I/O on rear panel 9-pin D-Sub connectors. For table top or rack use (1/2 single rack space).

See GangWay 16 and GangWay 32 for larger configurations.



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