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eBOX io

Real World Interface

Relay outputs and opto-isolated inputs for eBOX

eBOX io a companion to eBox and gBOX. It converts 8 GPI outputs to electrically isolated, relay outputs. The eBOX io also accepts 8 GPI inputs via opto-isolated inputs.

eBOX and gBOX GPI inputs and outputs are CMOS compatible circuits. The CMOS GPI inputs require that the input signals be 0 to 5 volts and referenced to ground. The CMOS GPI outputs can deliver 0 to 5 volts at up to +/- 6mA and referenced to ground.

In most cases, this will be compatible with your equipment. However, in some cases, equipment may not be compatible with 0 to 5 volts. In this case, the eBOX io can be added.

Each eBOX io buffers 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Inputs are buffered with an optoisolators and outputs are buffered with a dry relay contact.

eBOX io comes with a pair of cables that allow you to connect a single eBOX io to an eBOX. Up to 3 eBOX io's can be cascaded to convert all 24 eBOX GPI inputs and outputs. To connect two or three eBOX io's to a single eBOX, order the optional “EBOX-I/OEXPCAB”.

All connections are made on the rear panel via high density screw terminals. Front panel LEDs indicate status for easy monitoring. eBOX io is a half rack unit and fits alongside eBOX in a single rack space. It can be rack mounted using “JLC-RACKTRAY” shown above.

eBOX io Physical Specifications



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